What I Am Terrible At. - Steve Goodall

Recently, I got asked what my weaknesses are.

When I was younger I had my own mentor who helped me a lot, so I often spend time helping other business owners in my consulting agency. 

The other day I spoke for about five minutes with a client when he asked me something I had never been asked before. 

He said, “Steve, what are you really bad at?”

And it completely shocked me. 

I decided to write this article, because after I told him what I’m bad at I realized we often times try to sweep our weaknesses under the rug instead of facing them. 

But, facing them is the only way we can grow. 


What I’m bad at isn’t just one thing.


And I’m sure it’s like that for most people. 

As business owners, and entrepreneurs, we tend to always come off as we’ve got all the answers and we can figure anything out.

But, even as business owners who spend a majority of their time problem solving we still have our own weaknesses we need to work on. 


Writing and Grammar.


The number one thing I’m bad at would be writing, spelling, and grammar.

Really just anything that has to do with writing is hard for me. I’m terrible at it. I mean really the world’s worst.

I need to give a big shout out to my chief content officer, Jade, who literally goes behind me and sweeps up my awful mess of spelling. 

I normally get messages from her with like, “I just fixed your comment!” or “I fixed that post you made earlier.”

I don’t even usually know what she fixed, but I am glad she did it! 


The Fix?


I used to use Grammarly to help fix my grammar and spelling.

It is a great app for anyone who has the same weakness. However, the results are not always great. 

Grammarly, of course, doesn’t actually know what you’re trying to say. It just makes guesses. So, sometimes it gets it right and sometimes it gets it wrong. 

I also use spell check to help me tidy up my writing. 

I really believe the exposure is one of the best ways to improve at something you’re bad at. So, by continuing to try to write and practice I get better.

Honestly, getting an editor has made a world of difference too. Yes, that’s costing me money every month, but it has been the biggest fix so far.




Micromanaging is another thing I’m very bad at.

I used to feel like I had to be on top of everything and know everything that was going on.

Truth is, I didn’t like mistakes. I wanted to avoid them at all costs.

But, that really was only holding me back because as a business you are always going to make mistakes. It’s only natural. How you learn from them and move forward is what matters. 


The Fix?


How I’m working on this is I’m trying to empower my team. 

I’m working with all my team members on taking responsibility for whatever they are working on.

Now if they make mistakes, I do not have the right to berate them about it because I’ve given them the responsibility.

I make mistakes, and they’re going to make mistakes as well. 




I mean, seriously, these are probably the worst things to not be good at if you’re an entrepreneur.

I’m terribly disorganized. 

My head runs in a million different directions. 

I would like to say it because I’m a creative thinker. But I’m just not very organized when it comes to putting things together. 


The Fix?


Genuinely, I’ve tried courses and it doesn’t work for me. 

So, what I’ve actually done is I’ve started to use a flow based system. I tend to write down now where I’m stuck.

I tend to write all those things down and start working backwards because I usually come up with solutions before everything else.

If I am trying to focus on one thing I will also try to write down everything else that comes to mind and read over those later. 


It’s important to understand what your weaknesses are.

As owners, we tend to think that we’re invincible and we’re not.

Knowing what we are terrible at allows us to work on fixing it. 

We shouldn’t only focus on our strengths if we want to be a well-rounded individual. 


Comment down below some of your weaknesses and what you are doing to fix them.


Steve Goodall is a full-time digital nomad and an Iron Maiden fan who has spent the last 30 years working with business owners in driving company growth, restructuring internal operations and providing full consultancy on all platforms including branding, outreach, and marketing. Talking business is his THING… so connect with him onLinkedIn.