Remote work is the future. It gives new opportunities to so many people – especially creatives.

So, do you use remote working in your company and if you do how do you make it work? 

This is a huge question into days age as we start moving many jobs into the online world.

Traditionally, in my own businesses, I always had a central base. 

However, over the last 10 years or so I’ve started to slowly embrace remote working.

It’s gotten to the point that now all of my team is remotely working except for a small base I keep in Seattle. 

Insane right?

Maybe not. What I have loved the most about it is that it’s been able to give like my team more family time.

It has allowed me to tap into a bigger resource of expertise as well. Quite often when you have a regimented office structure like a nine to five there are a lot of people that simply cannot work for you.

Maybe they’re a stay at home dad or mom, with a lot of knowledge, but they just simply can’t match your hours.

However, when you shift to remote working and have flexible hours all of a sudden those people become available. Trust me when I say it’s a HUGE pool of people you will then be able to pull from. 

My company doesn’t operate standard working hours anymore. I’m starting to see this becoming more and more common. 

We have somebody that will man the phones during the day. However, the rest of the team is a lot more flexible. 

For me being a marketing agency it means creativity is what you want.

But, creativity doesn’t happen between nine to five – Monday through Friday.

It could happen at eight o’clock in the evening and there could be nothing at two o’clock in the afternoon.

So, I’ve started to encourage my team more and more, especially on the creative side, to work when it suits them.

Of course, we expect a certain amount of productivity. I just don’t mind if that comes in at 10 o’clock at night or if it comes in at 9 o’clock in the morning. 

I have noticed ever since I implemented this that my team members have been much more productive and not less. 

Now, I have had some resistance from certain clients and it’s been quite interesting. 

I’d say 80% of clients that I speak to love the idea of remote workers. A lot of them have also asked me questions about it because they wish they could implement it in their own business. 

However, I would say about 20%of my clients tend to be set in stone. 

I hear things like, “what if I can’t get ahold of my employees” or “they won’t be productive if they aren’t in the office.” 

Truth is I’ve never had trouble getting ahold of my employees before. We use Google Voice and I am able to call them from there. I also have never had a problem with productivity. 

The main resistance has really only been worries about customer service levels.

But, many people are still set in their ways and for them, this just doesn’t seem feasible. However, I expect more and more businesses to start implementing it soon. 

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Comment down below if you have remote working in your own business or have been thinking about implementing something like it.