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Is college a waste of time?

Is College A Waste Of Time?

I think college for the majority of people is a complete waste of time and money.  And THERE I’ve said it!  I know I will have people agree with me and disagree with me. So, I’m going to explain where I came from.  I left school at 16. I have

is running a business easy

Is Running A Business Easy?

Is running a business easy? I have a friend I’ve been recently speaking to who has been running his own business for a while now.  He told me, “You know Steve I am struggling!” Not in terms of sales, but in terms of working 18 hour days. He feels like

Should You Have A Business Partner?

Should You Have A Business Partner?

Should you involve a partner in your business?  Partners can be really useful when it comes to decision making, but they can also clash with your own thoughts and ideals.  I’ve personally had my own business partners in the past and this is a question that I actually get asked

hold yourself accountable


Holding ourselves accountable is one of the most important things we can do   As an entrepreneur I have to motivate my team, solve problems, and keep in touch with my clients all the while holding myself accountable.    If I didn’t hold myself accountable it would be hard for

remote workers

This Is Why Remote Work Is Worth It.

Remote work is the future. It gives new opportunities to so many people – especially creatives. So, do you use remote working in your company and if you do how do you make it work?  This is a huge question into days age as we start moving many jobs into

Is the advice you are getting any good?

How to Know if The Advice You’re Getting is Good

Advice is freely given in every corner of the internet and real life. The question is how do you know if the advice you are getting is any good?   So, most of the advice is what not to do which to a point is utterly useless. As we generally

Why You Need More Data Than You Currently Have!

Why You Need More Data Than You Currently Have!

You do not have enough data to make the right choices to grow your business.   Bold claim right?   Ok, so in the last 18 months, I have spoken to 100 company owners. Actually, it was 103. I asked them a simple question. Do you have tracking set up?

How to Know if You Should Use PPC or Not.

How to Know if You Should Use PPC or Not.

Pay per click, or the process of paying for a click on your ad, has been said to be the marketer’s dream. The internet is awash with internet gurus telling businesses that they can pay some money and get clicks to their website. Then those clicks turn into leads, which

Easy Ways to Market Your Small Business in 2019

Easy Marketing Tips For Your Small Business in 2019

The chances are you are reading this on the very tool that will allow you to begin marketing your business for free.   Right now every social media platform is at war. They all want content because it’s what keeps visitors on their site. The longer someone stays on a