So, in the last week, I’ve had two phone calls. One with a young entrepreneur and one with a nice woman in her mid-thirties.

Neither one had ever run a business before, but they both had brilliant ideas.

I decided to write a blog on this because of the frustration I had during these conversations.

I’m doing this to encourage everybody out there.

They both have great ideas.

They both are brilliant.

Neither of them are going to go through with these ideas.

Absolutely guarantee there. It’s all talk 100% talk. And I know most business owners out there have come across the same thing. The frustration that we get when we see people with talent and ability just waste it.

I spent about 2 hours on the phone with the women and didn’t charge her a penny. I try to give back because I had people when I was younger spend time with me. Mentors for one of a better word.

And the young kid, it was a similar thing. I spent time with him. Except I actually made time in my schedule to call and speak to him and he just never turned up. Never made the call.

So, the reason I’m writing this blog is I want to say to anybody out there that has a business idea, the only thing you have to do to beat 99% of the people out there is just do it.

It’s astonishing to me because you know, it’s like they both have really good ideas

They’re never going to know, they’re never gonna launch it, and all you have to do to beat them is just do it.

I understand there are a lot of other factors in there. If you’re trying to start a business, and you’ve got no money, and your business requires 1 million bucks well you’re going to struggle to launch it. However, there are 101 different ways to launch any kind of business you want! It’s possible. I’ve started plenty of mine without much money.

I guess I’m really just begging anybody out there that has an idea and wants to be an entrepreneur. Just go on and do it.

Because just the fact that you start will put you way ahead of everybody else.

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Steve Goodall is a full-time digital nomad and an Iron Maiden fan who has spent the last 30 years working with business owners in driving company growth, restructuring internal operations and providing full consultancy on all platforms including branding, outreach, and marketing. Talking business is his THING… so connect with him on LinkedIn.