How Your Message Can Increase Sales. - Steve Goodall

So, I’m going to create the worst business analogy, in the history of business analogies.

We’re looking after some friend’s sheep and I have my daughter here with me.

She has a bottle that she uses to feed the one younger sheep, while the others are disinterested.

Now here’s the thing, the rest of them are not going to come over because they have different interests. Many of the older sheep are interested in milk.

And I want people to think about that in terms of business.

You know, we kind of think of our audience as this kind of static sort of lump of people for one of a better word.

But the reality is that every single one of them is different.

They all have a personality and believe it or not, apparently so do sheep, which is something I’ve learned this month.

The interesting part with this is when my daughter starts calling Pepper, the young sheep, she comes over while the rest of them are uninterested.

They’re still just eating grass.

Now later on when we bring out the hay to feed them, all of the older ones will come.

It’s in the same way a different message attracts different people.

So, sure its probably the worst analogy in the history of analogies for businesses, but I think it’s a really good point to make.

When you are advertising and you are trying to engage with your customers, understand that they’re all different.

There isn’t such a thing as one message works for all.

Everybody’s gonna have different ideas, different needs, different wants.

So, understand your audience, understand what motivates them, and that is going to help you engage with them.

In an ideal world, you’d really want to be selling individually one on one to each person.

But you know, in this day and age, you’ve got to understand that each message has to be different for a different group of people.

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