3 ways to optimize your LinkedIn page to generate more leads - Steve Goodall

3 ways to optimize your LinkedIn page to generate more leads

Engage, Content, Connect


#1 Engage


All of your ideal customers are probably already on Linkedin, go find them. Look at their content, their articles, their posts and start engaging. It staggers my mind that we live in the social media age and everyone wants likes and comment and yet are conservative with their likes and comments to others.

Get stuck in.

ou should be targeting 10 new potential clients every day on Linkedin and engaging with them, commenting on their posts, liking their content

#2 Content.

There are 260 Million active users on Linkedin every month, Always ask yourself, why would anyone care about me!

You need to deliver content, that means, articles and posts and videos.

You need to be posting at least 3 posts to LinkedIn per day at one of those MUST be a video.

“OMG steve, why!”

Glad you asked!

People, buy from people. You need to become visible, trust me if you do this right, you will have leads coming into you pre-sold!

Share value stuff, ways to help them, ways to help your audience.

The key here is to show your audience that you are the very best, you need to beat out the other 260 Million users on Linkedin, Thankfully 99% of them are terrible at this.

#3 Connect

if after a few days they haven’t connected with you, then reach out and connect.

When you connect, uses a simple message like this

Hey (name)

Really enjoy your content and comments on Linkedin. If I can be of service to you let me know.


So what is happening here is you are of course giving them a compliment, then simple extending the offer of help.

Most will reply with the thanks, some will reply with an ask for help.

The key with LinkedIn is NOT to sell, you simply don’t need to.

The key is to always be in their feed, they know when they need your service.

Bonus tip:

DO NOT send spam messages or INmail pitching your service, while this might generate some leads the people that don’t reply ( like me) will not want to add you or even talk to you, you are hurting your long terms brand.

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