2 Ways To Write Content People Want! - Steve Goodall

So, how do you come up with ideas to produce content? 

I think this is actually something that a lot of us can struggle with!

It can be hard coming up with ideas we can derive content from. Well, not just content…but content that people ACTUALLY want!

One of the biggest dangers when thinking of new content is that sometimes we continue to produce content that we think our audience wants. 

When in reality they don’t want what we are producing. 

So the real key is producing content that people are actually looking for. 

How do we do that?


I LOVE Quora. 

I think it’s massively undervalued. 

The best way to describe Quora is like a new, updated version of Yahoo answers!

People ask questions, and knowledgeable people answer them!

However, I see it being used the wrong way quite often. A lot of companies use Quora to push their products or brand. 

That’s just not what it’s meant for…

You can use it to find the most popular topics in your niche that people are curious about. 

Generally, I follow business advice, entrepreneurial advice, and marketing advice.

Things that companies are typically involved in as that is my core audience.

Then I go and look at what people are asking about those topics in Quora.

Now I don’t just go and look for the questions. I’m also looking at whether or not other people are starting to follow the questions. That way I know if the topic really is something multiple people are interested in. 

That’s a really good indicator. 

So what I then do is I will typically answer a question I find in one of those categories and with a big following. 

From that, I will build out articles, posts, and videos. 

Quora is a no brainer for anybody that’s looking to produce content because you can figure out exactly what content your audience is really asking for.

Answer The Public.

Answer the public is a great way to come up with new content!

It’s based similarly to the way Google works. You know when you begin typing something into Google like, “What is…” and Google will typically fill in the blanks?

That is similar to Answer The Public. 

You can type in any keyword you can think of and it will come up with hundreds of questions about the topic being asked on Google.

It is great because it will show volume. You can see what people are really curious about in your niche or industry. Therefore, you can use the questions to come up with more knowledgable content that people are actually interested in. 


These 2 websites will help you come up with weeks worth of content in no time at all.

If you know of similar websites leave them down in the comments below!

Steve Goodall is a full-time digital nomad and an Iron Maiden fan who has spent the last 30 years working with business owners in driving company growth, restructuring internal operations and providing full consultancy on all platforms including branding, outreach, and marketing. Talking business is his THING… so connect with him on LinkedIn.